Online Store vs. Brick & Mortar

An online store and a brick & mortar store may both aim to do the exact same thing, however they both are quite different from each other. A brick & mortar store is a physical store owned by a person and has existed since the beginning of society. Online stores are similar to any kind of online activity. Since it is not a physical store, it is not limited to the four walls and is much more diverse than a brick & mortar.

1. Online Stores

Like mentioned earlier, an online store is not a physical store therefore it the product range is unlimited. It offers a diverse range of products to its customers as their inventory is not limited. The customer can easily find the products that they are looking for and can make easy comparisons regarding the price of the products.
As compared to a brick & mortar store, an online store has a much lesser start up cost, which makes it one of the best reasons to start an online business. A simple online store can be purchased and set up with a few hundred dollars. Ebay, Amazon are some of the online websites where you can sell products without having any huge investment

Having an online store means that you can work in the comfort of your home, and you save a lot of time and money on commuting. Working at home is much less time consuming and gives you more freedom as compared to owning and working in a brick & mortar store. It is convenient to the customers as well because they can shop at anytime of the day. You may need more time to market your products and attract more customers, but once you do that you can reach to customers all over the world. You can create a store with Shopify and get your online business started now!

In a physical store there will always be a risk of you buying a product without knowing that it will run out before you buy it. However on an online store, that is not the case. Software programs on online stores help customers know when a product is running low. This helps customers shop without having to worry about their products running out. .

2. Brick & Motor

One of the greatest advantages of a brick & motor is that it is a physical store and thus it markets itself. Therefore, if you pick a proper location for your store, you can attract customers. Getting a good location may be costly but it can be very beneficial to your business. Moreover having a brick & motor store can amplify the legitimacy of your business.

People who buy products from a brick & motor store have immediate access to them. Having instant gratification is quite beneficial as people can shop instantly and will not have to wait to get the products they have shopped for unlike online shopping, where people have to wait for several days till their product gets delivered. Having to wait for the products to get delivered can lead to frustration with an additional cost of shipping.

In an e-commerce store customers don’t have the ability to check or try on the products before they purchase it. In a brick & mortar store you can try on the product before buy and it can easily be returned or replaced. Moreover people prefer a brick & mortar store as they would prefer to go shopping with their friends and family. Online stores on the other hand do not have this advantage at all. Online shopping is more solitary and does not have any social aspect.

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