Everyone wants to create an online course. Everyone wants to make money online, but before you can create a successful online course, there are some things you must know. Most times, people don’t talk about these things, but I would talk about it today. Read on.

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  1. You don’t need a three-part video series. Most instructors think that they need to create a three pre-launch sequence to sell well, but it is not necessary. It is not the format (audios, a social media challenge, videos, or a webinar) that matters in your pre-launch content; it is the message and the transparency of your product promise.


  1. It is your duty to sell your course, not your affiliates. It is very great to get affiliates for your online course, but that is not going to guarantee the success of the course. It is your job to promote your course and make it sell it. However, you can create great affiliate resources to promote your course, but don’t solely rely on it.


  1. Don’t copy someone else’s course. We are all different people. You should be unique. Although you might think that someone else’s tactics (videos, affiliate promotions, or ad campaigns) are working. But it might not work for you when you try it. That is why it is better to be unique and create your course based on what you can do, or what you like.


  1. Offering payment plans will influence the sales you’ll make. It is your course, so you can set any price you want for it. However, you should always put it in mind that some people would want to sign up for your course, but they don’t have money in their bank account at the moment. Instead of letting them just go, you can give those types of people the option to pay in installments. That way, you would gain more customers and make more sales.


  1. Your course name matters, so take it seriously. People will judge your course based on your name, so you should try to make it clear and memorable. Don’t be the victim of being too smart; just make your name simple and memorable. Take your time to think of a course name because it would be hard to change after you have launched your course. So take your time before choosing a name.